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Flower Care

We recommend that you follow these important care instructions so that you can enjoy your flowers for longer!
The first 24 hours are critical. Flowers will absorb up to half the water they require to survive during this time.


ALL FLOWERS (except tulips and hyacinths)
Recut all stems at an angle approximately 3-4 cm high upon receipt and again every few days approximately 2 cm high.
Keep the flowers in a cool place away from draughts
Do not place flowers near your heater, tv or microwave oven
Do not place flowers near fruit. Many fruits emit ethylene, which causes ripening and accelerates the ageing process
A few drops of bleach in a vase makes a good alternative to flower preservative and helps keep your vase clean

Trim the stems approximately 2-3 cm using an angled cut every few days
Don't change the water and dont add flower preservative.
Tulips will usually grow towards the light and can have a natural ‘droop'

To prevent soggy stems, have shallow water (5 to 6 cm deep)

Lilies require well-lit areas to assist in the opening of the flowers
To prevent staining of clothing or furniture, remove the stamens (the little pollen clusters inside the lilies) as soon as they open.
Stains are best removed by washing and exposure to bright sunlight (UV)

Change the water and trim the stems approximately 2-3 cm using an angled cut daily.

Recut stems on an angle daily
Do not use flower preservative
Keep Orchids in a cool environment
Keep all of the flowers above the water line